MY MOTTO: When you want to show someone you care – you crochet, craft, or knit it! Even if it is for yourself!

WELCOME to Vintage Beso!

Create your own look by crocheting and/or knitting any of the fashions in this shop.
Love the 1970s? Never knew the 1960s were so sexy? Intrigued by the 1950s? How about a dog sweater from 1915? If you wanted these wonderful items then YOU HAD TO MAKE IT! Get these PATTERNS "to make" your very own creations!

Where you can get the Past ELECTRONICALLY.....wwwwhhhhhaaaaattttt?! smiles
You select, you download, you enjoy!

We (that's you and me) (smiles) can keep these vintage patterns alive and honor the women who originally created from the original paper patterns; which, is exactly why it is so important for me to keep prices so low! Let's keep these patterns alive! smiles

Thank you Crocheting and Knitting Pioneers, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Etsy!

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